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Meet Dr. Annie Shibata

Professional Coach & Astrologer

I'm passionate about empowering individuals and teams to
leverage their strengths and embrace growth!


I’ll give you the personalized support necessary to assess your

situation, define and set your intentions, and cultivate the

skills essential for you to demonstrate your unique brilliance.

Work With Me

Broad Professional Experience: With a Ph.D in Adult
Education, I've taught undergraduate and graduate
Communication and Leadership courses and also work with Executive Global
Clients as a coach, facilitator, and consultant (including 16 years

of living and working in Japan).

Communication Expert: I've published articles, appeared on TV
and radio as a communication expert, and have a wealth of
experience to help you create better relationships by

communicating from the heart.

Metaphysical Practitioner: As a practicing astrologer and
student of healing, meditation, energy medicine, and intuition, I
bring a holistic approach to coaching that integrates mind, body,
and spirit. Manifesting is not just about intention; it is also about

vibration and divine timing.

Commitment to Ethics: I follow professional ethics, have a
coaching certificate from the ATD, am DISC certified, and
maintain memberships in the Organization of
Professional Astrologers, The National Council for Geocosmic

Research, and the International Society of
Astrological Research. I am committed to
the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in my work.

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