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Personal Development Coaching


The last few years have been rough for many of us.

So many challenges! Let’s face it, we’re all traveling in new territory here!

And you know what? That’s not going to change. 

So we have to.

We each need a new map, new skills, and a new mindset to thrive in the coming years.


In my group or individual coaching sessions, you can explore your astrological promise, meditation, mindfulness, your intuitive gifts, goal setting, and developing a new path forward.  


You came with a Divine Map of your strengths, desires and soul’s direction. Let’s explore it together and use it to leverage your next steps.

Studying at Home

Book a coaching package, a free discovery call, or check out my workshops!


Like everyone, I’m a work in progress and so is my coaching practice! I’m adding more services so please check back, or better yet, sign up for my very occasional emails.

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