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Professional Development Coaching

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I create and facilitate fun, effective and engaging coaching for individuals and groups that solve problems and build valuable professional skills.


Is this you?


  • You need to improve your leadership skills

  • Your recent promotion has Imposter Syndrome rearing its ugly head

  • Your team needs to work more efficiently together

  • You want to improve your professional communication, to be heartfelt and authentic

  • Your team is working in an international team/setting and needs cross-cultural communication/international effectiveness coaching


I have partnered with individuals at all levels/roles in the organization, from Board Chairs and CEOs to individual contributors. I work one to one or in groups of all sizes. My intention for everyone is to have fun and experience great results! Sometimes the solution is coaching, sometimes training, and sometimes I put on my consultant hat.  It all depends upon what best serves the client.


  • Women Leaning into Leadership

  • Heart-centered Communication (interpersonal, team, cross-cultural)

  • Team Building

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • More Effective Presentations

  • Mindfulness

  • Developing your Growth Mindset

Here are just some of the problems I’ve coached successful solutions for:


The non-profit Executive Director had a hiring dilemma: should she go with the capable internal candidate or the exciting, qualified but unknown outsider?

I listened carefully to her and suggested she implement having the hiring team use a rubric to track and rank the qualities they determined necessary to be effective in the position, and use it to compare candidates to get more objectivity. This doesn’t require choosing the highest ranked candidate, by the way, but it gives the team a framework to make a meaningful decision.


The Board Chair was constantly being challenged by one of the Members

The Board Chair realized she lacked strong communication strategies. I coached with her to develop new thinking and skills to diffuse conflict, and leveraged the power of non-verbal communication by asking her what she thought about changing the way the seats were set around the rectangular table. The difficult teammate always sat at the other end of the table, literally “opposing” the Board Chair. I suggested neutralizing that by getting to the meetings early and arranging the chairs in a “U” shape with the Board Chair at one end and no chair at the other. This immediately shifted the energy of the meetings, and by using the communication strategies we’d worked on, resolved the problems and made the board more functional.


The VP of IT needed his team to solve problems and work more efficiently together


Based on their needs, I facilitated a customized team building session using their DISC profiles so they could openly discuss and strategize the team strengths and weaknesses to leverage everyone’s skills, during which they realized the team members all had similar skills, and they were lacking a team members with strong communication skills! This led to some “a-ha!” moments about why they felt that they lacked effectiveness when they communicated to stakeholders outside of their department, and a rich discussion about what skills to prioritize when they seek new members.


The Nurse Manager needed staff training and coaching for intercultural effectiveness to prepare her team to work with new staff members from Micronesia

We realized the situation required training, so I created an in-service session for her leadership team as well as training for her staff members to open their perspectives, explore the cultural traits of the island the new staff members were coming from, and practice communication power skills.


The CEO of a US-based Japanese subsidiary  needed to improve team morale and create better working relationships


Although at first the CEO felt that only the American employees would benefit from training and coaching, I was able to help him to see the beneft of working with all staff. I designed a 2 day workshop focused on developing empathy, communication skills, and shared expectations/processes that improved team effectiveness.

The VP needed his chefs to improve their presentation skills before working with the White House on school lunch initiatives

Group and individual coaching around communicating more effectively was the solution. Group sessions were followed by observing individual presentations and providing 1:1 coaching sessions for participants, empowering them to create and deliver more engaging and informative presentations.


My Qualifications

Ph.D in Education; 30+ years of experience teaching and training in the US and Japan

Professional Astrologer

Certified DISC trainer

ATD Coaching Certificate

Clifton Strengthsfinder

Lencioni’s 5 Behaviors of an Effective Team


Some of the organizations I’ve been lucky enough to work with:

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